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Audits and site reviews

Falck Fire Consulting (FFC) Engineers and Fire Hazard Management Specialists are able to visit a wide variety of oil, gas, petrochemical and high hazard industrial sites as well as industrial and commercial premises to evaluate and implement fire prevention, detection, protection and response measures.


Depending on project requirements, a typical visit to facility might include fire scenario assessments, fire systems evaluation and testing, assistance with development of FEHM Policies, procedures and schedules – and help with business critical tasks such as Emergency Response Planning. Our specialists are fully familiar with all relevant Fire Hazard Management standards, guidance documents and and Codes of Practice including NFPA, EN, Energy Institute, API, SIGTTO, LASTFIRE etc.


Our specialists have experience in a multitude of operating environments in several countries Worldwide (many our team have worked in more than 40+ countries on various projects). Therefore FFC can assist you wherever you are in the World to determine and implement your Fire Hazard Management needs.​

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