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Development of standards

​Our achievements include the writing and illustration of the Starwood Hotel Group’s Fire Suppression Systems Handbook. The handbook is an indication of confidence expressed by Starwood, when asking a UK based company to write a handbook based on US Fire Protection Standards.​​​​​
This publication from the BRE titled ‘Sprinkler Systems Explained: A Guide to Sprinkler Installation Standards and Rules (BR 503)’ was prepared, written and illustrated by FFC.  This report is intended as an aid to understanding fire sprinkler installations and the LPC Rules, and shows confidence from the BRE when asking FFC to create the publication. It explains the engineering behind the rules and regulations and some common misunderstandings about sprinkler systems. PhotoP-31-144x185.jpg

Currently in its third edition, CIBSE Guide E: Fire safety Engineering has been fully updated to take into account new knowledge and latest techniques. Written by experienced fire engineers, it is intended to give useful, practical advice on fire safety engineering.  FFC engineers authored the second edition Chapter 11, titled Fire Suppression, and are currently redrafting the chapter for the fourth edition.    

​The Energy Institute model code of safe practice Part 19 (EI 19), Fire precautions at petroleum refineries and bulk storage installations is now in its third edition. The document was prepared for the Energy Institute by FFC under the sponsorship of some of the world’s leading oil and gas companies. It is now accepted internationally as a leading guidance document for selecting, implementing and monitoring the continuing performance of installation specific justified risk reduction measures.

​This document was co-authored by FFC and Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators (SIGTTO). The publication brings together, in a single volume, the principles of liquefied gas fire prevention and firefighting and has been complied to provide readers with an insight into the design and operation of liquefied gas installations and the equipment essential to their safe and efficient functioning.

FFC have also developed specific company standards such as the BP Fire Response Workbook and the Shell Design and Engineering Practices (DEP’s) as they relate to fire protection.

The BP Fire Response Workbook provides guidance for the development and preparation of appropriate fire response for BP onshore and offshore facilities on a worldwide basis. The information provided is designed to assist all levels of personnel who have involvement in fire response capability or others who may be responsible for the day to day maintenance of site fire response capability.    

This document was produced in conjunction with the International Oil and Gas Producers Association due to the industry’s recognition that fire systems (Detection, Passive and Active Protection) are not normally specified or maintained in sufficient detail to ensure ongoing availability and effectiveness. This situation is often exacerbated by insufficient training in system operation or maintenance.​


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