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Fire and Explosion Hazard Management (FEHM) is an essential process for oil, gas, petrochemical and other high hazard industrial company owners and facilities. It involves assessing credible fire and explosion scenarios, defining a Fire Hazard Management Policy/Philosophy, selecting relevant, justified and cost effective fire prevention, detection, protection and response measures – and implementing them effectively.


Every facility has its own needs, which must be reviewed, updated and maintained as business conditions change.


The optimum FEHM policy or philosophy will require a tailored combination of measures including security, fire prevention, incident detection, process control and fire protection and response options. The exact requirements will depend on requirements to safeguard life, the environment, assets, business continuity and reputation.


The FEHM process is illustrated in the diagram below. It starts off with formal assessment of fire scenarios (e.g. through comprehensive fire hazard analysis). Once the scenarios have been quantified for probability and consequences, different risk mitigation options can be evaluated and an appropriate FEHM Policy or Philosophy can be developed. Implementation and ongoing maintenance of the Policy and risk reduction measures is then required to effectively manage risk. This will also include fire incident pre-planning, exercising and updating of the Policy.


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