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Research and Publications


FFC FEHM specialists are at the forefront of fire research and development of international Publications on Risk Management. This includes participation in live fire testing and fire dynamics research, as well as involvement in some key Working Groups responsible for some of the World’s leading guides used by high hazard industries. Thus, FFC specialists are fully conversant with the latest standards and industry-led research on fire phenomena and techniques to prevent, combat and respond them.


Research Projects and ongoing fire testing that FFC Specialists have been/are involved in include the following:


Transformer Pool Fires and Firewall Protection (National Grid)


LASTFIRE Foam Test for Storage Tank Fires Development and Routine Testing


Lube Oil & Container Fire Test Research (BP/Castrol)


Crude Oil Boilover Research (LASTFIRE)


Internal Floating Roof Tank GRE Roof Fire Resistance Testing (Shell/LASTFIRE)


Compressed Air Foam System Rim Seal Fire Extinguishment Trials


Storage Tank Fires Radiant Heat Measurements and Research (LASTFIRE)


Bund Sealant Materials Fire Resistance Testing (Energy Institute)


Standards and Publications that FFC Specialists have written, co-written, or contributed to include the following:


Energy Institute (EI) Part 19 - Fire Precautions at Refineries and Bulk Storage Installations


CIBSE Guide E – Fire Safety Engineering


SIGTTO – Liquefied Gas Fire Hazard Management


Rotterdam Fire Brigade – Storage Tank Technical Frame of Reference and Audit Methodology


LASTFIRE – Large Atmospheric Storage Tank Fires



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